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How USA Mail Forwarding Works
Step 1: SIGN UP and receive tax-free US shopping address instantly
Step 2: Start to Shop at any US Store with your tax-free personal address
Step 3: When your product is received at EARTHSHIP warehouse, then you can request to ship it to your home in El Salvador
We Provide Lowest Shipping Rate to El Salvador
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EARTHSHIP offers you a tax-free shopping address to buy from Amazon, 6PM, Macy’s, Sephora and many other online stores in the USA when you want to buy from US retailers and ship to El Salvador. Use our address to shop and get the best shipping rate to El Salvador!
Shop and Ship From USA & Ship To El Salvador

Earthship provides a tax-free US address to El Salvador So customers can shop and ship from any US seller.

Many products in the US market are much cheaper than El Salvador, waiting for you to buy and ship to El Salvador. More than 10 million people shop and ship from USA each year, and everyone have the same questions.

How can I buy from USA? How can I ship to El Salvador? When I buy from USA? Will it be tax free? Do US sellers ship Internationally? Do I need a mail Forwarding Company for my shipment? How much is the shipping cost to El Salvador?

The Answer is Earthship USA Mail Forwarding Company. Earthship provides tax-free, shop-and-ship addresses for those who are not living in USA but want to buy from the USA. We are in one of the tax-free state (Delaware). When you buy from any USA seller and ship to Delaware you won’t pay any sales tax in the USA. With Earthship El Salvador shipping rate, you will have a much cheaper rate to ship to El Salvador and you won’t have to be worry whether the seller ships internationally or not.

Easy To Buy From USA Sellers
amazon 6pm oshkosh zappos macys sephora

Have you tried to buy brand name products from USA sellers, such as Amazon, 6PM, Zappos, Macy's, Sephora OSHKOSH?

Many people of El Salvador face similar troubles when they try to buy from Amazon, 6PM, Zappos, Macy's and Sephora OSHKOSH.

Amazon doesn't ship to El Salvador. Shopping at Macy's with a El Salvador Credit card will give you problems. Buying from Sephora is very hard because your shipping address is El Salvador. When you buy more than one product from Zappos, 6PM, Amazon, Macy's, and Sephora, shipping each package separately to El Salvador can be very expensive.

Earthship is the solution for those who want to buy from USA sellers, such as Amazon, 6PM, Macy's, Sephora, OSHKOSH and Zappos, and ship to El Salvador You have a tax-free,shop-and-ship address that will help you buy from US sellers without any shipping address problem when you register with Earthship.We will consolidate all your packages into one box with Earthship Package Consolidation services. This will help you reduce up to 80% of your international shipping costs.

Shop and Ship From USA & Ship To El Salvador

Small details make a big difference. In today’s economy, everyone tries to save money. You can save up to 10% when you shop without paying sales tax.

When Earthship joined the Mail Forwarding Business, we carefully selected our warehouse location. About 14 years ago, Earthship opened its first location in Delaware, one of the tax-free states in the USA.

Here is why having a tax-free shipping address is beneficial:

Your international shipping cost can be covered in just tax saving

Easy To Buy From USA Sellers

Earthship is one of the 100’s of Mail Forwarding Companies in the USA. As a customer, it’s very hard to select a company among 100’s. Earthship keeps improving its service quality and lowering shipping costs for the last 5 years. In December 2019, we relocated to a four times bigger warehouse facility.

Here are some benefits Earthship can offer: